Woodshed Project

This cold winter we’ve been staying toasty warm courtesy of our wood burning stove, which is fueled by dry firewood thanks to our new woodshed. Our do-it-yourself shed was built last summer using some new materials, some antique redwood fence boards, and a few pieces of old rusted metal roofing. We didn’t have blueprint plans for the shed; Bob just figured it out as he went along and made the shed entirely by himself in two weeks. My job was to help hold things, hand things, and make frequent runs to the local hardware store. The end results turned out quite beautiful and, in my opinion, a work of art. See for yourself.

The woodshed project from start to finish.


P1080478P1080488P1080497P1080466P1080493P1080505P1080510P1080521P1080515P1080499IMAG2330P1080513P1080532IMAG2334P1080529P1080537P1080547P1080551IMAG2345 The bright yellow door was a nice touch. A ray of sunshine to get us through some of  those dark, cloudy, winter days.

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