Cycle Oregon coming soon to…Idaho!

Having done Cycle Oregon a couple of times, I was very excited to hear that the organizers chose Cambridge, Idaho, my current residence, as one of their overnight stops for their upcoming ride. Every September since 1987, around 2,000 plus cyclists hit the road for seven days of riding the lesser traveled roads and visiting different parts of Oregon and this year Idaho.

Cycle Oregon riders go from town to town with the goal of increasing tourism and generating income for the small communities it visits. The riders also get to enjoy generous hospitality from the host towns. In return, Cycle Oregon provides direct financial benefits to these towns where approximately $150,000 is given each year. I have fond memories doing Cycle Oregon a decade ago. The people we met along the way ended up being just as important as the actual time spent on the bike. (The photos below are from 2005 and 2006 Cycle Oregon).

Cycle Oregon 2006. Heading up the backside of Anthony Lakes Ski Resort before a fast descent on the other side heading to Union, Oregon.
Locals selling pies. Union, Oregon 2006.
Cycle Oregon 2005. Bob got squirted in the face with a Super Soaker by Astoria, Oregon teenage girls.

For this year’s tour (September 12-19, 2015), Cycle Oregon will start in Baker City, Oregon. On day two, the cyclists will leave Oregon crossing the Snake River into Weiser, Idaho and ride into Cambridge that afternoon for an overnight stay. Traveling with the cyclists are an army of semi-trucks carrying luggage, food, dining room tents, tables and chairs, portable showers, and the huge stage for the nightly entertainment. The community residents volunteer to unpack the semi trucks, set-up tents, haul luggage, serve food, and tons of other things. Our tiny town of 360 people will turn into a town of 2,500 for one night.

Men’s shower line. On one of the days in 2006 we didn’t get to shower. Due to a forest fire in the area, the shower trucks and all potable water were taken to support the fire fighting effort.
Bob chats with locals at one of the rest stops.
Bob charms the locals at the Fort Clapsop rest stop. Cycle Oregon food and rest stop snacks were the best. I think I actually gained weight during the seven days.
The ride in the Columbia gorge in 2005 was spectacular.
I’m down there somewhere in tent city waving. Heppner, Oregon football field 2006. Good luck finding your tent after going to the porta-potty in the middle of the dark night.
Our coldest day on Cycle Oregon 2006. Due to weather we were re-routed from LaGrande to Pendleton on the busy Interstate and on some back roads making it a long day of riding.
Cold lunch stop in the Blue Mountains above Pendleton with yellow clad friends Terry and Jenny.
Umatilla, Oregon. Last day and the end of Cycle Oregon 2006. We had a great time.

The morning of Sept 15, 2015, the cyclists will say their goodbyes and jump back onto their bicycles. They will head out of Cambridge and up and over Brownlee summit and down into Hells Canyon before crossing back into Oregon to their next overnight stop, the town of Halfway, Oregon. It should be an epic two days in this part of Idaho for the cyclists, spectators, and volunteers of Cycle Oregon.


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