Water Hogs


During upland hunting season about the only time we stop to catch our breath on the steep terrain is to retrieve a bird from our dogs’ soft mouths or to give them some cool water from our backpack hydration system. On some of our longer hikes we’ve run out of water.  I’ve never once hesitated to give them my last drop. I’d rather go thirsty first.

Water hogs (or “whores,” as I affectionately call them), the thirsty boys have earned it. On average, if we hike 5 miles they go about 15-20 miles. Usually, three to four times the distance. We know this because the dogs wear GPS collars whose data we download on our computer when we get home.

Looking through some photographs from the past couple of seasons of upland hunting, I noticed a theme. I like the photos, they make me laugh. Today, I need that more than ever.

Safe, non-polluted water, something some of us take for granted when we have it. Since the election, I’ve been worrying about what will happen to our environment, our public land, our air, and especially our precious water during the next four years. I can only hope that the Clean Water Act is followed by the new administration.

Clean drinkable water is good for the birds, fish, wildlife, humans, and yes dogs.

















  1. Hilarious pictures, especially the nose/tongue close ups.

    Our Brittney was never trained as a bird dog, and she wouldn’t tolerate riding in the bike trailer very well, so she gets an occasional walk. Her other exercise is keeping the yard free of squirrels. Most pictures of her are napping on the sofa.

    Clean water and preservation of public lands are indeed important.

    1. Mark, We haven’t really trained our Brittanies to bird hunt, it’s amazing how much is just instinct. When Angus was a puppy growing up in Boise, we had tons of squirrels in our back yard. He loved creeping and pointing them and we never taught him this. Occasionally, he caught one in his mouth and tried to bring the dead or sometimes alive squirrel into the house. He honed his bird hunting skills on squirrels..so we thought. We were worried with Peat growing up without squirrels that he wouldn’t know how to hunt. We learned after Peat turned into an amazing bird dog, that it’s all natural and maybe some luck. We found a good breeder that produces awesome dogs. I bet if you put your Brittany on birds you’d be surprised.
      Napping on the sofa…great! That’s where all dogs belong!
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Leslie

  2. Bob I love to watch your video’s on youtube, but haven’t seen any new ones lately. I am from Washington State and there are not as many birds were I hunt compared to Idaho. But I have an amazing young dog that is a Labee hybrid (Yellow Lab/Beagle cross). Little different ball game hunting with a flusher but we had some great hunts this year. Looks like the bird numbers were up this year an you got a lot of limits. Tell your Wife she has taken some awesome pictures and I enjoy watching her video’s. Looking forward to 2017 – 18

    Keep on keepin’ on!
    Retire in Washington and Hunting Chukars!

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