Salubrious base camp studio view.

Taisie Design is about art, adventure, life, and travel. It’s about living life outdoors. It was created by Leslie McMichael.

Besides writing this blog about things that I find interesting, I like making things with my hands like precious metal clay jewelry and glass mosaic art. My newest project is making wonderful smelling soy wax candles. See my sister site at Salubriouswax.com.

Taisie Design gets its name from Glentaisie, one of the nine, lush green, Glens of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. According to old Celtic lore, Glentaise was named after Princess Taisie, the daughter of King Dorm of Rathlin Island, a small island off the coast of Northern Ireland.

My workshop studio and base camp is located in Salubria Valley, Idaho near the small farming and ranching community of Cambridge. In the springtime, the emerald green rolling hills around this part of Idaho look a lot like Ireland and fondly remind me of my visit to Glentaisie. The early travelers on the Oregon Trail named this place. Some of them kept going but some decided to stay a while. My father, a third-generation Idahoan, was born in a tiny white farmhouse next to some apple orchards not far from here. I didn’t grow up in this part of rural Idaho but after spending many years living in the city, my husband and I moved to Salubria Valley and back to my family roots for a more peaceful, simple, and salubrious way of life.

My professional career was always working in healthcare. After a long and successful career in GI Endoscopy, I just recently retired. Now that I’m not always commuting and working at the hospital, I also enjoy trail running, fly-fishing, and finding new places to explore in the outdoors. In the fall and winter you can find me chukar hunting in the hills with my two Brittany bird dogs. I raced mountain and road bicycles at the Pro/Expert (Cat 2) level for several years and still like jumping on a bike to ride every once in a while. I dream one day of hooking another big rainbow at the Railroad Ranch on Henry’s Fork.