Edinburgh’s Phantom Sculptor

Mysterious paper sculptures have been left, anonymously, in libraries and museums all over Edinburgh, Scotland beginning last March. The first amazing piece, a little tree mounted on a book, was found at the Scottish Poetry Library.



The Second one suddenly showed up at The National Library of Scotland, this time a coffin, topped by a large gramophone. This one again was left with no artist signature but only with a tag that said “This is for you in support of libraries, books, works, ideas…”


The Phantom Sculptor deposited at several places around the city a total of 10 of these gorgeous, intricate pieces made of books and paper.  The latest ones, a dinosaur, birds, feathers, and a pair of gloves were discovered in mid-November.


For more about this story, see Who Left A Tree, Then A Coffin In The Library? Also, read the latest update The Library Phantom Returns!


These fascinating little sculptures made my day. A little magic and wonder to remind you the joy that art can bring to your life.



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